September 7, 2016

Voynich manuscript downloadable as pdf

The Voynich manuscript, a 15th century book entirely written in a code that remains one of the ones never cracked. Maybe because it doesn't mean anything.  Noone knows who wrote it, but there are many speculations of alchemists and mysticists like John Dee and Roger Bacon. Most fascinating to me though are the strange illustrations, mostly botanic fantasy dissections, diagrams and patterns but also naked ladies bathing in something green unknown, maybe for some medicinal purpose. Now in the following it's possible to download a pdf containing  the full manuscript!! And also another script, which I know less about but also looks fantastic, Codex Serahinianus.


March 15, 2016

El Golem, Jorge Luis Borges

"The simulacrum raised its sleepy eyelids,
saw forms and colors that it did not understand,
and confused by our babble
made fearful movements."

I didn't know that one of my favourite writers, Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges had written a beautiful poem about Golem. "El Golem" is part of the 1964 book El otro, el mismo (The other, The self). His poem uses the tale of Rabbih Loew making a Gloem out of clay and he also quotes philosopher Gershom Scholem.

You can read a full translation from spanish to english by James Honzik here. It's short so go ahead and read it. And below is is a recording where Borges recites the poem in spanish.

February 24, 2016

Working on Golem game again

Working again on my Golem game after a whiles break. I was looking for a tool for writing the the branching storyline and dialogue and found Twine, an open-sorce tool for writing interactive fiction with conditional logic, variables, CSS, javascript and more. Apparently there is a lot of people writing interactive stories and adventures and many of them can be found in the Interactive Fiction DataBase, IFDB.

April 28, 2015

Drawing the noice

I've put together a page with text and images from my part of the exhibition Attention: Craft in Liljevalchs konsthall last summer. You can find it here in my site.

February 20, 2015

Compassionate and passionate love

The most recent article in my site. I've been reading a couple of texts about the functions of love and in these texts kind of found the "solution", or rather a justification of the balance between reality and fiction which has been troubling me and whch I've tried tried to treat in many of my artworks. A justification that it's ok to endevour in fiction as in beauty, romance, enjoying tourism, popular culture etc. at times and which I very much enjoy but often have some trouble allowing myself to.

Read the article here.

January 8, 2015


Slightly rewritten article in about a society with stronger superegos leading to racism, conservatism and higher borders, resulting in repressed feelings and ultimately to violence and fanatism. A process already long gone and horribly demonstrated by yesterdays slaughter of lives and freedom of press at Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Read the article here.


December 2, 2014

Art and ADHD!

My first choice of articles I will publish on this blog from my - site. With the header; What is art to me, I compare the neuropsychological diagnose ADHD with art as a alternate viewpoint for me, other artists, critics and spectators to to look at art from. A viewpoint with different conditions which have the potential to open up for a broader reading and hopefully expand the possibilities of what you as an cultural producer dare to present as art.

Read the article here.